Turkpusat Traditional Weapons Museum aims to introduce the traditional weaponry in order to keep the cultural heritage alive. In our museum, it is possible get information on the historical, philosophical and technical aspects of Turkish martial arts, especially on archery. Besides, the accumulation of knowledge of craft behind the martial tradition is presented in detail. In this museum, purposing to create an atmosphere where the visitors can feel and touch the history, different collections related to our history of war and sport are exhibited.

The visitors can acquire the information about collection such as arrow head, bow, thumb ring, flight and target arrows, sword, dagger, shield, axe, spear, armor,  halberd and siper, but also on the production process of these items and their usage with different methods.

The collection of arrow head including the most comprehensive materials in terms of variety and periodization has been opened to catch the enthusiasts’ eyes on this area. Moreover, we provide information on the characteristics of various Turkish weapons from different periods. The visitors can get the basic academic knowledge of Turkish archery and culture of craft, presented in academic literature, by visiting our museum. On this point, this museum can be regarded as the pioneer of this field by presenting an experience one can not have in anywhere. Our collection, with its rich content, serves to the preservation and transmission of the tradition while being expressed to visitors in an efficient way.

Our priority is that the visitors have a good experience by spending their time in the museum while we are introducing our cultural heritage dating back to ancient times.

Attaching great importance to the qualification and excellence, our museum aims to present an experience of knowing better Turkish traditional weapons,  affecting and changing the historical process directly, for dear valuable visitors.